Base Funding Review

In October 2010, Senator Chris Evans, the Minister for Tertiary Education, announced that the Review of University Base Funding would be chaired by Dr Jane Lomax-Smith, a former Minister for Education in South Australia.  In addition to Dr Lomax-Smith the panel also includes Emeritus Professor Dennis Gibson (former VC Queensland University of Technology), Professor Louise Watson (University of Canberra) and Professor Beth Webster (Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research and Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia).

The review was asked to examine and make recommendations on a broad range issues in relation to base funding including comparing Australian funding to international arrangements, funding relatives for different discipline groups or types of education, the cost of undergraduate as opposed to postgraduate coursework programs and student, government and other contributions.

Anyone interested in the current funding issues are strongly encouraged to read the Base Funding Review Background Paper which provides a detaile doverview of current funding arrangements and data. It can be downloaded from:

Copies of the Base Funding Review terms of reference, consultation papers and copies of submissions can be downloaded from:

Resources developed by the NTEU in preparation for the Base Funding Review including submissions made by the NTEU including by a number of branches can be downloaded at: