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Climate Active Australia: Labor Government capitulates to vested interests rather than taking real action of climate change

Posted 15 June 2011 by Michael Evans (NTEU National Office)

Climate Active Australia (, a climate media organisation supported by a broad range of community organisations concerned about climate change, released the following statement on 14 June:

"Labor Government capitulates to vested interests rather than taking real action of climate change

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan, revealed yesterday Labor’s carbon tax position is that all revenue is to be paid in compensation to households and businesses. Almost certainly, they are also supporting an extremely modest tax of $20 per ton of carbon.

According to CLIMATE ACTIVE AUSTRALIA spokesperson, Geoff Lazarus, “this will come as a great disappointment to the 160 Climate Action groups around the country and to nearly all the several hundred climate scientists who understand the urgent and critical need for leading polluting nations like Australia to rapidly de-carbonise their economies.”

“For some months many climate organizations, including those which participated in the 6 June Canberra Rally and Walk to Parliament House, strongly argued for carbon tax arrangements that provide a solid revenue base for major public investment into renewable energy projects such as base load solar powers stations.”

“A much better position would be a price of $40 per ton and provision of $5bl p.a rising over time to fund renewable energy projects, (but with a ban on gas fueled power stations that also emit greenhouse gases) and less generous compensation to the big polluters.”

"A high level of compensation to big energy polluters and guzzlers will mean little change in their behaviour therefore making the task of strongly enouraging emission reductions even more difficult."

“Leading climate scientists from NASA, the Potsdam Institute, and the UK Oxford University based Tyndall Climate research Centre are now saying we possibly face catastrophic global warming enveloping the planet by as early as the middle of the century.”

“It’s clear that Labor politicians are continuing with a failure to understand what is required to avert future severe climate damage to our economy and society.”

“Their position is little better than the CPRS of 2009 that was rejected by the environment movement and the Greens.”

“With most leading industrialized countries well in front of Australia in emission reduction targets there are simply no excuses for the Government.”

“Once again we have emerging an example of Labor capitulating to the big energy polluters and energy guzzlers as they did to wealthy mining magnates over the mining tax.”

“Labor’s position represents a terrible sell out of our children and the planet.”


Geoff Lazarus, CLIMATE ACTIVE AUSTRALIA, 0419 369 206



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