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'Invest in Australia’s Future, Invest in Our Universities' is a long term campaign started to call on the Federal Government to increase public investment in our universities by 10% immediately, and to commit towards matching the OECD average of investment in higher education to 1% of Gross Domestic Product in the medium term.

Universities are facing a crisis. Decades of underfunding have left them with declining infrastructure, overcrowded classrooms, overworked staff, higher levels of casualisation, and an unhealthy dependence on international fee income to fund all aspects of their work.

Universities help to develop our young people, our workforce, our communities and our aspirations. They do essential practical and theoretical research and they help build lives and skills that make a valuable contribution to our communities.

With one of the world’s most prosperous economies, there is no excuse not to invest more in our universities and Australia’s future.

Invest in Australia’s Future,
Invest in Our Universities.